Sandman Motel- Googie Architecture

I know that most people know what Mid-Century Modern is but what about Googie?  No not Google.  It is a sub-division of Futuristic architecture influenced by the Space Age.  The Sandman Motel sign is this style of Googie Architecture.  This Googie sign has a large red arrow shape pointing to the motel which used to be neon but has long since disappeared.  “Sandman” wasn’t the original name as you can see it’s patched into the sign.  Located in Mims, Florida.


Titusville: River Views

Last night my husband and I visited a local restaurant which provided a lovely river view.  I was able to get a good shot of the Indian River and then we went down to Rotary Park, I was able to take a few more shots of the interesting cast net docks.